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Criminal Law

How does a career in family law lead to expertise in criminal law? Well, it started more than ten years ago when I decided to pursue family law and began working for a firm in Prince William County, Virginia. It turns out that Prince William County does not have a public defender's office.  Rather, the judges appoint local attorneys to represent indigent criminal defendants. I quickly found out that the judges expect new attorneys to accept these cases. Who was I to refuse?  Honestly, it was a great way to become familiar with the judges and other members of the bar. It also gave me invaluable experience in litigating cases and going to trial.

I jumped in with both feet and tried to do my best assisting the indigent members of the community all the while balancing my family law case load. As a court appointed attorney I handled hundreds of cases including DUI, larceny, assault, traffic offenses, and serious felonies. After only three years I was honored as the court appointed attorney of the year.  I continue to accept criminal cases and would estimate that around half of my case load is criminal. As such, I would be happy to sit down with you and discuss any criminal matter that you may be facing.

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